Mohammed a Mechanic & Mary a Maid

: My stories recurrently reveal the bond that exists between an oppressed woman and an innocent man. Reduced to live a subterranean life, they find their redemption by entwining their souls, and sometimes bodies.

The two-faced morality is surreptitiously disrobed of its authority by the ‘moonlight infidelity’ that comes as a blissful escape from the tyranny of a barren bed.


4 thoughts on “Mohammed a Mechanic & Mary a Maid

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  2. Fatwa against Mohammed a mechanic & Mary a maid
    It takes me back to my childhood. If I was not allowed to attend my school for non-payment of a ten paisa of fee, my grandmother’s unperturbed comment would be, ‘Tell your teachers to go out with a begging bowl, you take the cow for grazing.’ I still see myself a half naked urchin aimlessly scurrying into the dusty lanes of a village.
    Life was too hard to be lived without stories. There is no other reason that I am a storywriter today. Story, no doubt, makes a man human but lamentably antagonizes god’s cousins with its underlying ‘audacity’. And a time comes the writer is hounded simply for his fault of being a writer. Most of the people have not read my book Mohammed a Mechanic & Mary a Maid beyond the title and have labeled me a blasphemous- a kafir.
    My Savitri of Easy Savitri is not a Sati (a chaste woman), she is almost a whore and is suspected to have killed her husband while the legendary one brought her husband back from the hands of Death. Yes, the allegory is essential to the story, not just intended. Similarly, in the title story ‘Mohammed a Mechanic & Mary a Maid’, there’s no reference to the Prophet, rather my character is based on a Mohammed who is actually a mechanic. My Mary is a domestic I knew and not the Virgin Mary. For that matter I can present to the world my savitri, a happy old woman still there in my village. The truth is that most of the deprived people don’t have fancy names; their names are ironically derived from those of gods.
    The world is getting more and more intolerant with the writers at the receiving end. In a much more politically hostile world the readers of Hemingway and Manto showed more grace, I believe.
    You may rubbish my book as a piece of literature but save me from the uncalled for smothering. And do it before the ‘murmurs’ catapult into a fatwa against me, and I realize that I had better gone by my grandmother’s innocent advice.

  3. Page 14 of the story… Mohammed was a bastard of first degree…. epochal lie
    Quoting an isolated line from my story Mohammed a Mechanic & Mary a Maid constitutes an epochal lie, intended to cause damage. It reminds me of the most infamous pretense from Mahabharat ASHVATTHAMA HATO HATAH- naro va kunjaro? Ashvatthama is dead, not sure the man or the elephant? Though literally there was nothing untrue with what Yudhishthar was pushed to say but the intention was deceitful. It blemished the character of a worshipper of truth.
    In modern times, lying is a way of living. We are so economical with the truth that it can hardly pass through our lips. But a victim must cry at least. I know this ‘feint’ would have offended many. I would request them to go to page 14 of my story to know what exactly this line means in my story.
    Another reader called me to suggest, why it was Mohammed a Mechanic & Mary a maid and why not, Anwar a Mechanic & Anne a Maid. I won’t say it was a writer’s prerogative. I rather owe him an answer. And I do have one. Wait please; let me deal with this first.

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