Today it’s me; tomorrow India will ask you

Now here’s an excerpt from a report published after a meeting of TRAI and COFI, only if yo…u would like to read and understand the gravity of this anti-national operation. The nation’s economy and security is compromised while the government and its intelligence and law-enforcing agencies are snoring. Billions of revenue/tax is lost over the years. DTH operators happily colluded with the underworld and had a free run. Feeding the mouth that bites us again and again. Every line of this report is like a slap. And this is just a tip of the iceberg. Once the whole truth comes out, skeletons will tumble down, and the people involved will have no place to hide.
Who will do this ‘serious investigation’? Till now I have been asking, tomorrow the whole nation will ask.
Illegal DTH Connections in neighboring countries.
Another important issue which did not come up during the discussion but was reported by COFI later pertained to DTH STBs going out of the country to neighboring countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, China and Thailand. This is a serious matter that affects security and economy of the Nation said a memo from COFI.
As per news reports only Pakistan has more than 2 million STBs of Indian DTH operators. Containers full of DTH STBs go to these countries under the name of some electronic equipment and there is a well managed pipeline to receive payments through Hawala and distribute these STBs to Cable Operators and individuals. Payments for these STBs are routed via another country like Singapore using online medium. In Pakistan Indian DTH STBs are available for Rs 3,500. Prepaid cards are used to renew subscriptions online.
Cable Operators in these countries use these boxes to extract Sports channels, popular Hindi channels and some other International Channels like HBO and Cartoon Network which are available as pay channels in these countries. Even governments of these countries have raised this issue and trying to ban this practice which is increasing every day. We are attaching some news cuttings that report such incidents.
We are sure if the DTH operators are submitting the SMS report of their connections to TRAI every quarter, these connections also must be included in that or else figures of DTH connectivity reported to TRAI are fudged. Government does not get any tax on these payments. This matter needs a serious investigation.


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