Shobha De’s tweet doesn’t call for a privilege motion

By any sensible interpretation Shobha De’s tweet is not offensive to the legislative assembly, and calling motion of privilege is completely unwarranted in this case. It’s, in fact, par-dadagiri. In a democracy, a chief minister is a mere executive head of a state, and you can call him anything at the risk of a defamation suit slapped against you. He has no privileges as such. Secondly, a citizen has the right to criticize or mock any of the decisions taken by a government even if the decision has the backing of a legislative bill or an ordinance. It can no way be construed a contempt to the House. For that matter even saying something against the people populating the house is not an insult to the House, per se.
Recently, in an open letter written to the PM of India I have termed the members of the parliament as ‘morons or ostriches warming the seats of the two august houses’ and I don’t think I have shown a disrespect to the House.
We are turning into a dark democracy day by day. Shobha De will perhaps apologize, not because she has committed any offence, but only because her survival instinct would let her in. There is a beastly world out there where democracy works, but feebly.


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