Open Letter to Mr. L K Advani: The Lurking Shadow that was a Towering Leader once

“Protecting Modi was your bigger sin than praising Jinnah”
Dear Advaniji,
With every passing day your silence is getting thicker. The text of your frowns, howsoever unreadable it maybe, spells calamity to those who have known you since your Jansangh days. It’s not the pain of a setback you got in the twilight hour of your gigantic political career. The way you have always played a role in creation and destruction of political edifices around, no power could tame you (bundle you up, actually) if it was just a straight fight for the top post. It’s something more, something ominous. And you owe a disclosure to the nation over your loyalty to the party you gave your life for or to the organization (RSS) you are ideologically wedded to. To my uninformed guess, both of them together, in the present scenario, can’t dish up for you anything more than the presidential chair. By giving a fair thought to the assumption that you gave up the baton realizing that accepting the gift was the best thing you could do to yourself at the beginning of your sunset, things don’t really fall into place. A person of your stature and tenacity would have turned down this offer with a wry smile if it was five years ago, and at this juncture too, you had the aura and ability to save both in your favor, the grandeur of Rashtrapati Bhavan and, if not full, a fair usage of your vocal cords. There was no need for you to play a reclusive politician, a bad role for one who has always been a dominating Advani.
And if you are having a plan to first have what is on the platter, and then write your memoirs to exonerate yourself, believe me sir , you will actually write yourself off before the history does that to you. Summon up courage, and do what a great leader is supposed to do in an hour of crisis and not what a machinating politician does when forced to capitulate.
It seems, in hindsight, that there was a pre-election hidden agenda perhaps you and a few more rational faces in the party were not privy to or didn’t agree to. The punishment was their marginalization. You opted for an agonizing aloofness to save what you could save in the turmoil— a token respect for your seniority. Most fell in the line; now piteously following the diktats of a robotically zealot performer you were for years proud of engineering the one. In a tutored obedience, he publicly touches your feet. Only he doesn’t ask for your instructions or advice any more. I don’t know you curse yourself to now see a successful personification of your idea you finally got wary of pursuing — the hard line of Hindu nationalism. It was a fateful coincidence that the time came for this fossilized idea just after you decided to wear the brand of Vajpayee shoes for your next big role. Steady decadence of the Congress cleared the road for the new man on your abandoned rath. Ironically, you had by then, in a weak moment of yours, praised Jinnah. There is a political school that believes the inauspicious utterance caused your eclipse. I beg to differ with sir. In my mind you invited your nemesis right when you were intoxicated with power and in a thick-skinned way saved your protégé from an unceremonious sacking he deserved. Protecting Modi was your bigger sin than praising Jinnah.
The aftermath of BJP’s windfall victory, is slowly clearing the smokescreen to the lot whose worries are compounding every day. The voices we hear are disturbing. There’s no leader who speaks in a reassuring manner. An ugly face of neo- fascism is in the makeup room eager to take over the stage, to say much in a few words. And there is much more going on behind the curtain.
The main dish BJP promised —development— is still on the menu, no doubt. Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi, the master chef, is searching every container around to get his recipe right. But when there is poison in the meal sir, it matters less if it was in the main course or in the soup that came just before. The consequence is fatal.
The worry is written all over your map, sir. It’s a historic moment for you; it’s up to you to catch it and reincarnate yourself or pass it and go down with. The people are anxiously waiting to hear the words of sanity from the forgotten architect of the behemoth that forebodingly governs them today.
It’s a time for you to be the statesman the nation is crushingly awaiting the arrival of.
With sincere regards,
Babulal Vedprakash Gautam
Matunga, Mumbai-400019
Mob: 9820506161


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