We must stop this ‘Land for loyalty’ program, now and here.

We must stop this ‘Land for loyalty’ program, now and here.
According to Scott Powell; the fundamental feudalism relationship was the basic form of barter, which defines every feudal relationship– ‘land for loyalty’… In this barter arrangement, a vassal was granted territory (a fief or feud) by his lord in exchange for various expressions of loyalty.
Highways and Freight Corridors are not going to take the farmers on to the road of progress. Rather rich will be richer with such capitalistic labyrinth of infrastructure. The governments are bound to reward lands to the loyal by any which way they can. Farmers will have to raise a rebellion against their impoverishment themselves, and not through the enemy; the feudal political leadership.


Love is nothing more than the politics of sex

Love is Politics of Sex
Second to God love is one single word that has perhaps consumed maximum of words after man invented language. That said, love, in essence, is simply a politics of sex. A woman needs to know it more since it was her more political half who propagated the idea of love as we know it today. I don’t intend to demean this overwhelming emotion but the idea is to better understand the force that determines a major part of our life.
Man like spiders and many other less evolved males was meant to stake his life for sex. ‘Have sex and die’ is what a male is born for. Look at our rapist. In spite of the fear of death and total condemnation he keeps attempting the crime. He is the spider. ‘Romeo’ must die. Every species, and so also the life as a whole, sustains through female. Male in lesser evolved life dies once it has played its two-minute role in the process of evolution. In animals too, its uselessness is apparent. That is the reason males are in stark minority in all the species except Homo sapiens. Nature doesn’t need them in hordes. And therefore makes them weak, vulnerable, and reckless. Lesser they are better. The weak of the male must die to make the species strong. A few of the good breed and health are enough for the purpose
Love came only after a good deal of brain cells arrived. But before love came the politics of sex. Many of the human males were deprived of sex only for being weak. They were overpowered and killed by the stronger ones. As young one too, they were completely unwanted. The powerful males only waited for the females to get to the age of sex. The weak men too had brain, perhaps more, since that was their only tool for survival. By any possible way they sought a woman’s favor. Love was born.
Politics as I have used here is not a dirty word. The credit for most of the progress man has seen goes to politics. For example, the law of gravitation has nothing political about it, but undoubtedly, all the applications of this law, and for that matter all the laws of science, are governed by the politics. I intend to drive home the point that the world of humans that was to be thickly populated and managed by the woman was sadly taken over by the more political man thanks to the politics of sex. And many of the evils we see today are a result of this overturn. The women must know.