MY LETTER TO SWARAJ ABHIYAN- The author of Mohammed a Mechanic & Mary a Maid

Thank you for mailing me the ‘Swaraj Abhiyan’ newsletter. It will be presumptuous to doubt the intent of your resurrection, although it reminds one of a demon that would instantly grow into two like him if torn apart. I know it’s a harsh analogy, but the survival demands every political entity to have a demonic character. Political parties or movements are by their DNA soulless animals, a reason perhaps behind their rapid growth and easy multiplication. You are in fact a milder species of this vile creature. That’s probably because you don’t have the muscle of a brute force today.
The only thing you can count on your side is the common political currency – the common man, a term lately beaten to the dust. The man you meet in your gatherings or you otherwise connect with is not a common man in true sense. He is a common man, sick of his commonness. He is a miserable man with political aspirations, and wants to shed his skin in a burning desire to be someone. His tribe is small, but looks big because he doesn’t miss a chance to be at jantar mantar. The real common man or woman is either a bystander or one busy with his work and thoughts. His number is huge. He watches all of you on TV with a sense of disgust. He hates Modi, Kejriwal, Yogendra Yadav and such numerous faces across the political spectrum. He doesn’t say a word in protest because he doesn’t believe the word you speak. He/she is a famous father/ mother/ brother/ sister, and not a unit of political currency for the political parties to pocket. It’s another matter that he/she fatefully lands into one on the day of election, albeit with a complete indifference. He/she is a man/ woman with a soul always afraid of losing a piece of it. He sees you all as those soul stealers.
Maxim Gorky had in Nilovana, a Mother in his May Day celebration that was a decade before 1917. The soulless behemoth of communism swayed the world for a long time and then went with the wind. ‘The Mother’ is an immortal story. Communism had no mother, no soul, and it had to die. Where is the mother in your Abhiyan? Without a soul or a mother you look like wolves that didn’t get a piece of the prey, and are back. Those who got a wholesome of the prey are devouring it sitting in their den (Delhi). Again sorry for an unkind analogy.
(I don’ think you would like to spare a thought for my view, leave alone publishing it. A milder but stubborn strain of Fascism rules our political thought process today. And you know in Fascism there’s no place for one who’s not like you.)
B L Gautam


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