Bio: B L Gautam I was born in a sleepy helmet of Haryana, then Punjab. A more humble childhood shall be easily termed wretched and I would never accept mine was one. Like all the children of those times, I too had dreams amongst countless possessions of poverty. One of those dreams possessed me. The habit of reading anything and everything took its toll. A promising school boy had an erratic run in the college. Bereft of choices, he accepts the last refuge of a failed genius— the noble profession of a school teacher. Restiveness grew with every passing day; dreams turned into nightmares. To break the shackles, he wantonly did anything that he could. Success came but with a touch of bizarre. He found himself in the uniform of a Customs Officer to prevent the second oldest crime in the human history; smuggling. God plays dice, it seemed. Once again there was no choice than to bite the bullet. From a reluctant Customs Officer, with the turn of events, he became one of the most distinguished intelligence officer, the department ever had. The record of highest number of seizures in the history of Customs by any single officer is in his name till the date. God is the biggest fixer. The most coveted honor for a government servant came his way, finally. Just before the investiture ceremony, he was aghast at government’s impotent stand when several of Indian soldiers were hacked to death in border skirmish with Bangladeshi rangers. He declines the award. God’s a prankster too. Quits the job to chase his unfulfilled dream. You get to live only once, buddy. Cinema was the next unscheduled destination. He had to don many hats – from Commercial Director of Zee group to COO of UTV— in a desire to do something meaningful on the screen. Creativity is either not there in you or if it’s, then, it will never let you live in peace. The mulishness brought lots of pain and anguish but along came two wonderful cinematic gems – ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’ and ‘A Wednesday’. After having dabbled with Hindi/Urdu poetry for a long, sifts his own life for stories. Thus came Andy Leelu. Email- gautambl@yahoo.co.in Mobile- 09820506161

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